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Trees up close

The first 12 tree saplings have been planted in Bodmin’s new community woodland in Berryfields Park. In March 400 more will be added. Walkways through it will allow the trees to be seen up close.

More than 30 people came to watch the planting ceremony, led by focal minister at St. Petroc’s Church, Barbara Brittain, among them Revd Paul Holley (Team Rector), David Bidgway (projects officer), Amanda Bright (community services officer) and Councillors Pat Rogerson, Jeremy Cooper and Phil Cooper.

Barbara Brittain said: “As partners with the town council, we are excited to be the first community group to plant our trees, a mix of purple beech from Bodmin Nursery and wild crab from the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery. Trees are the lungs of the earth. They provide habitat for wildlife and reach up to God. Trees are about the future; that’s why it’s great to see young people at the planting event today.”

Bodmin’s mayor, Jeremy Cooper, said: “This is a good initiative and an example of how community groups and the council work together to create great things for Bodmin.”

The first 12 trees were taken from the saplings potted at St. Petroc’s Church during the recent community celebration of our natural world. Bodmin Town Council welcomed St. Petroc’s Church’s request to plant 12 tree saplings in response to the Queen’s Green Canopy platinum jubilee appeal.

The planting of the 12 tree saplings augmented the trees planted by other community groups several years ago. In December 2014 Berryfields Community Centre Trustees (BDCC) were approached by Conservation Volunteers (CV) as part of the Big Tree Plant Project. Bodmin Town Council supported the tree planting in the selected place as it fitted the BTC open spaces project. Tom David of CV donated a selection of native woodland trees including oak, beech, birch, chestnut, hazel, hawthorn, crab apple, cherry, maple, lime, and rowan. Over two days BDCC trustees, CV, Strawberry’s day-care centre children and staff, BDCC Youth Group supported by YPC along with young people from BDCC Dance group led by Ronnie Bartlett and a few Bodmin Town Cllrs. planted 250 trees at the rear of Berryfields Community Centre. This enhanced the recent installation of the play area equipment the BDCC Trustees had just purchased and with the assistance of BTC installed at the rear of the community centre.

Bodmin’s deputy mayor, Phil Cooper, said: “Bodmin Town Council has been working hard behind the scenes to put everything in place in support of the Queen’s Green Canopy. I am delighted to participate and support St. Petroc’s in planting the first of these trees. I encourage community groups and individuals to join us in creating a legacy through more tree planting events next year."

Amanda Bright said: “Our aim is to provide an area which can be enjoyed by the community for years to come. We are hoping to encourage as many groups as possible to join us with this project.”

Anyone who would like to take part in planting the community woodland next year, should contact Bodmin Town Council on

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