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Drawing people together to help one another in challenging times.


The idea of a ‘circle’ represents inclusivity. The Community Circle embraces a wide variety of people so that ideas and energies are pooled in creative and productive ways. The opportunity to volunteer and to enjoy activities will help ward off loneliness, improve wellbeing and find practical ways of coping with the current energy and cost of living crises.


Here are the services offered

Abbie Cavalera

Many of its activities will take place in St Petroc's Parish Centre, which Bodmin Way is looking to renovate to allow better access and comfort. Existing projects provide a welcome platform for people to join the circle, for example, the weekly Time Together friendship group and the support people receive through home visits. 

The Community Circle is open to everybody in Bodmin and the surrounding villages. It gives the chance to forge friendships, eat and have fun together in a warm space. As the warmer weather arrives, day trips will be available. There is access to Bodmin Way’s Parish Nurse, who offers preventative care as well as signpost people to expert support.

The circle provides social activities, healthcare, and a sense of wellbeing. Practical support is available to people in their own home.


The benefits of joining the circle include access to Bodmin Way’s Parish Nurse, a free hot drink at the weekly Time Together friendship group and practical help through Homebased Support. It’s easy to join. The annual membership is currently £5. There’s an online form below or paper copies at Time Together and St Petroc’s Parish Centre.

Contact us: and 01208 809601 (office hours).

Together for wellbeing - supporting the elderly

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