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You can support Community Action by donating.

Help improve the wellbeing of families and the elderly.

Donations will be processed by St Petroc’s Church. As one of our member churches it attracts a range of funds and voluntary support for our work in the community.
As a registered charity it can add gift aid to the value of any donation. 


Giving to people who are struggling with fuel payments and cost of living

  • 100% of what you donate will go to people and families in need in Bodmin or surrounding villages

  • No cash is given, we buy food from FairShare and supermarkets, we pay fuel bills directly

  • Choose gift aid when you donate, and the Government will add an extra 25%

Fuel poverty

Fuel poverty

Donate your government rebate (£66 or £400), your winter fuel allowance (£250) or what you can afford, and it will be used to pay into the fuel bills of those in need.

Community larder

Community larder

To stock our weekly larder we use grants and donations to provide food to over 300 people who have come to rely on it to feed their families

Bags of need

Bags of need

The many food bags, care bags, and fun bags distributed give families a lift in life. These and the food offered at Revd Elaine's gate all rely on grants and donations.

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