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CYCLING The Bodmin Way

Cycle route map.jpg
Cycle route cover.jpg

Cycle booklets are on sale at the churches and Bodmin information Centre, Shire Hall.

Using your bike computer? Download the route for a clockwise tour: GPX file

Passport & Stamp Photos for website & fb

Record your cycling along the Bodmin Way route by stamping your Bodmin Way Passport at each church. Passports are available from the same place as the leaflets mentioned above

Paul and bike.jpg


Revd Paul Holley, Chair of Bodmin Way and a keen cyclist, has set the time of 2 hours and 7 minutes for completing the 26 miles of Bodmin Way’s cycle route.


He has appealed for people to take him on and said he’d be happy to congratulate anyone who beats his time.

Message us on if you do it!

UPDATE: Paul has smashed his own personal best with a time of 2 hours!

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