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A variety of craft events are offered that enable people to join in, learn new skills, be creative  and socialise with others. They also enable artisans from around Bodmin to share their expertise and sell their products.

See below for examples of past craft events

Pop-up Pottery

  • Photos show the making process, drying out before the bisque firing, after the second glost firing, after glazing and firing for the second time, working with beads, participants’ complete work, finishing with gorgeous colours and a close up.

Conquering Crochet

  • Participants quickly discovered how to crochet Christmas crackers.

  • One attendee created crackers to share with her family on Christmas Day. The J and C are initials of her grandchildren. 

Crochets Crackers.jpg

History Alive: Textile workshop

  • Attendees discovered the job of a journeyman, tried their hand at patterns from the past and techniques used throughout the centuries and deciphered colour codes.

  • Sue Rescorla, local expert, displayed stoles, designs and materials, including a full-size cope and two mini ones for demonstration purposes.

  • Concentration levels ran high as the participants created their own design using traditional methods.    

History Alive:  Bodmin Keep’s Interactive Objects

As part of a collaborative venture between Bodmin Way, Warm Spaces and St. Petroc’s Church, Bodmin Keep led a session in St. Petroc’s Parish Centre on the four Saturdays in November 2022. The activities allowed all ages to explore the past through interacting with fascinating objects from bygone days.


  • WWI Collection: The box houses objects, personal items and photographs for attendees to pick up and explore. Guesses were made as to what the more puzzling items were and the friendly expert from Bodmin Keep, Leah Mason, put us right, as necessary!


  • Remembrance/WWI Collection: Leah Mason, came to the centre on the Saturday in between Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday, with mountains of materials to make poppies. The box includes trench artwork. Creativity was encouraged as part of the recovery process.


  • WWII Collection: Fran Singleton, trainee curator at Bodmin Keep, brought the museum’s artefacts to the centre, including original long johns, anti-gas eye shield, foot powder and playing cards as well as a replica 24-hour ration pack, storing toilet paper and sugary food for sustenance.

  • 1940s Collection: Toys and games were put on display and Leah Mason set out wooden soldiers in formation for a game of skittles. Authentic items included adjustable roller skates, a schoolgirls’ book and a tin gun.

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