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Enabling artisans to flourish and people to enjoy arts and crafts


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Dave Birch

Markets, crafts, events, creativity and enjoyment for all

Our aims:

  • Enable Artisans to flourish, be more successful in business and make a living from what they produce. Additionally enhance their business / marketing skills or signpost them to work with partners who can train them to do work for them 

  • Enable people to enrich their lives, skills, enjoyment, and wellbeing through greater involvement in arts, crafts, manual and music activities (as well as buying products and services)

  • Offer volunteering, paid work or revenue opportunities to people working with us


The value we offer:

  • BODMIN WAY is a non-profit social enterprise supporting the local community and wellbeing of people

  • Our BODMIN VIRTUAL MARKET offers a free platform on Facebook to raise awareness and market Artisan products and services

  • Our NETWORK of artisan contacts enables a collective that will form new relationships for mutual support, sharing and success

  • Our ARTISAN MARKETS, TIME TOGETHER and WORKSHOP events offer opportunities for artisans to sell their products and involve people in their crafts (where possible) 

  • Our COLLABORATIONS with other organisations and societies will enrich what we are able to offer through referrals 

  • Our COMMUNICATION and MARKETING channels enable us to advertise products, services, markets and other activities

For updates, please contact, 01208 809601 and

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