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Providing encouragement and support for the elderly and vulnerable at home.

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You may have a relative, neighbour or friend that would value help and support from one of our people. You may live far away and want someone to look in on someone who is vulnerable or lonely. You may be suffering from long Covid or another illness that necessitates practical help.

The two community coordinators leading this support are Sara and Dave Bryon. They have shown real commitment and skill at coming alongside those that need encouragement and practical help. Their role is expanding to lead volunteers in the wider community.

Examples of support we provide include:

  1. Shopping or collecting medicines

  2. Help with the garden or small repairs including arranging or signposting to trusted traders

  3. Navigating internet sites to access specialist support and services

  4. Help with form filling - we all need that from time to time

  5. Social interaction at our Time Together café and other events

  6. Someone to call when needed, a friend a listener, a practical help


Please note that this service in no way replaces social care, health services or other professional services delivered in the community. Where we spot that these are needed, we will help the individual access those services as best we can.


One of our Directors has a mother who lives 200 miles away, he told us “My mother is so proud and of a generation that would not naturally ask for help, she does not use the internet and hardly sees anyone, except when a situation has gone too far. If only there was someone to look in on her and help from time to time. Her mobility is not that good, but a neighbour takes her out for coffee and that lifts her spirits. I am so glad to promote this service from The Bodmin Way”

This service is provided thanks to grants the Bodmin Way has received and the generosity of volunteers who give up their time to help others. Contributions will be requested to help cover costs and make the offer sustainable.

Rest assured that we take safeguarding seriously, so all our staff and volunteers have been through a process of checks. Our privacy policy keeps information securely and contact information would only be shared with others when permitted by the person receiving help or their approved contact. 

For further information, please contact, 01208 809601 and

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