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In collaboration with the UK's largest food charity, FareShare, the Bodmin Way provides a community larder in the Bodmin Parish Centre. This initiative fights food poverty, hunger and food waste.

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There’s something for everyone and all are welcome.

  • The larder, in the Parish Centre, opposite St. Petroc's Church, is open on Thursdays 5.30pm to 6.30pm and Fridays 9am to 11am

  • Fruit, vegetables and store cupboard essentials are available, all purchased by the Bodmin Way team

  • The food on offer will vary from week to week

  • A one-off membership fee of £4 enables you to buy larder products on your first and subsequent visits

  • Bring your own bags, fill a bag and donate what you can - a £1 donation for each bag of fruit and veg

  • For a bag of 10 items of larder products (dried / packet / tinned) - a £3 donation helps us restock the larder

  • Food safety, safeguarding and your privacy are essential aspects of our larder service.

Within Bodmin Way we recognise that there is a greater need to support people and provide food for their families. The FareShare charity, grant funding, volunteers and small fees enable Bodmin Way to offer this service to the community

For updates, please contact, 01208 809601 and