Experience the great outdoors with its stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage, enhance wellbeing and enjoy time spent with others

Barbara Brittain

will guide you

Socially distanced group walks can now go ahead! 

Free guided walks for August, morning, afternoon and evening, all leaving from St Petroc's Church Bodmin, on:

Mondays at 11am Historic and cultural circular walk around Bodmin Town - a leisurely 2 or 3 mile walk;

Mondays at 2pm Camel Trail Walk towards Nanstallon (1/5th of The Bodmin Way) - a leisurely 5 mile walk;

Wednesdays 2pm Caterpillar Walk around Priory Park + FREE FAMILY FUN BAGS (focusing on under 5s);

Fridays 6.30pm Camel Trail Walk towards Nanstallon (1/5 of The Bodmin Way) A pacy 5 mile walk.

Come with us on the Bodmin Way Routes


  • A 20-26 mile circuit of Bodmin that connects five locations and churches, offering a trail for pilgrimage, history, heritage, arts and health

  • Varied and inclusive routes for walking, cycling, horse-riding and driving

  • Guided walks that bring people together, to do part or all of the circuit

  • Passports for stamping at each church

  • Leaflets with maps and written directions at all five churches plus Bodmin Town Information Centre at the Shire Hall

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