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Moments of blessing

Rev'd Elaine and her team get out and about

with fun ideas for all ages. 

Many moments of blessing will take place

in our community.


Rev'd Elaine Munday

Moments of Blessing lead

Moments of blessing in the new garden in the grounds of St Petroc's Church
Poster Garden Design Competition V2.jpg
Space for new garden.jpg

After Ian, Peter and Helen had cleared the area, ready for the new garden, Bodmin Town Council’s estates team took away cuttings from St Petroc's Church grounds.

Phase 1

The first phase of the new garden has started. Helen, Ian and Rob cleared weeds and planted an assortment of flower seeds, including wild flowers, to attract bees and butterflies. Thankfully Kimberley was on hand to provide cups of tea to keep the workers going!

Phase 1 cleared.JPG
Phase 1 seeds planted.JPG
Phase 2

In the next stage, another area of the garden will be created from ideas generated out of the Garden Design Competition or from suggestions to

During the second phase weekly garden sessions will be arranged for all ages to attend. 

Phase 1.jpg
Phase Two.jpg
Moments of blessing in the community

Summer Blessings. Music, snacks, activities and chat were available all afternoon to anyone in Priory Park on Saturday 10 June. Some could hula hoop brilliantly and others not so well! Rev’d Elaine is planning more summer events in the park.

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