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Smile Together provides more welcome support to Bodmin Way Larder

Smile Together Dental is a community interest company (CIC) based at Harleigh Road Dental Centre in Bodmin, with six other practice locations across the county. As a CIC their profits are reinvested back into patient facilities and the local community.  They recently made a generous £500 financial contribution to Bodmin Way Larder to further support our valuable work, in addition to their regular donations of oral health packs to Abi and the team for onward distribution to local families and individuals most in need.

Tracy Wilson, Head of Marketing & Communications at Smile Together, explains: “Alongside delivering our patient care, Smile Together colleagues are passionate about tackling oral health inequality. The inspiration for donating oral health packs came during the first Covid lockdown in Spring 2020 when we had to temporarily pause our visits to schools, nurseries and family hubs in areas of high decay across the county. Instead, we started making up and donating oral health packs to Foodbanks, homelessness and other local charities, with over 10,000 packs now donated. These are difficult times for so many local people and we’re delighted to have been able to make this additional financial contribution to Bodmin Way Larder and twenty other such organisations that we support with oral health packs across the county”.  


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