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What is Bodmin Way? 
Bodmin Way is the social enterprise for the Bodmin Team Ministry. It is a company limited by guarantee whose purpose is for the benefit of the community it serves. 

What is the purpose of Bodmin Way?
The company was established by the Bodmin Team Ministry to help develop and promote the interests of its constituent churches in the Parishes of St. Petroc’s Bodmin, St. Hydroc’s Lanhydrock, St. Meubred Cardynham and Lanivet. Its prime purposes are to strengthen the mission and sustainability of these churches. It has license to do this in a variety of ways in consultation with the Parochial Church Councils.

Who owns it? To whom is it accountable?
Ownership of the company rests with its members, which are the Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) of the Bodmin Team Ministry. Directors are elected by the PCCs to operate the company. To date, the main line of accountability has been to the monthly meeting of the team church wardens. Regular reports have been offered to that meeting and consultation about the growth and development of the company has resided within that group.


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