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Rev'd Elaine Munday

Rev'd Elaine is available to help you plan your perfect baptism event. Contact her by Email.

Your child is precious to you and precious to God. You want the very best for them, and so does God. You want them to make right choices in life, for themselves and for others. A baptism is just the beginning of this and so much more. Over the years to come, it’s a journey you’ll share together with your child by:

  • Being there for your child to discuss the bigger questions of life in hope, faith and love.

  • Praying for your child through their ups and downs.

  • Showing them practically how to make good choices in life.

  • Helping them to learn more about their Christian faith.

To book a baptism, contact Rev'd Elaine Munday on email.

   Rev'd Elaine explains
the symbols of baptism 
in under 3 minutes.


  • The blessing of gathering friends and family in the sacred atmosphere of the church

  • A special and heightened sense of occasion through an ancient service with a contemporary and personal twist that including the symbols of water, oil and candles

  • Baptism for all ages, whether babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults and whole families. Available to everyone whatever the strength of your faith

  • Options that enable you to tailor the baptism to your wants and needs, including guidance on music, songs, poems and readings as well as momentos & memorable gifts available for purchase

  • Caring support before, during and after the special day as well as opportunities to continue the spiritual journey in the future

  • Five historic, beautiful churches available for this sacred ceremony

    Ann explains the stories     behind baptismal fonts 
in under 3 minutes.

St P - Font.jpg


Your child and family members are precious to you and precious to God. Baptism is the start of a rich journey in life.


Let Bodmin Way enable your child or family members to be baptised

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