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Heritage Sunday

The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) service was celebrated this morning in St. Petroc’s Church, which has echoed through the centuries in the building. It provided an opportunity to express some of the church’s heritage, namely a chalice and service book. Both items and the service acted as a reminder that we are part of one long apostolic and catholic Church, rising from the Reformation, with the BCP at its heart.

Bryony Dorrington read from a 150-year-old service book given to her by her grandma. It originally was dedicated to her great grandma in 1872.

The silver lidded cup dated 1617, a rare and precious piece, given to the church at a time when the only church service was the BCP, held Communion wine used during the Eucharist.

One visitor to the church said: “It was very moving to share a cup that was hundreds of years old.” Two members of the congregation, when asked about the service, said: “It was wonderful.” “I like the BCP.”

The service has hopefully renewed the whole congregation’s sense of connection to all our church community has been to the town through the generations.

A parish lunch followed the service.

Our website gives photographs and information about more treasures in St. Petroc’s Church.

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