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The Diocese of Truro has requested that members of the Truro Diocesan Guild of Ringers ring their bells at 6pm on 30th October for 30 minutes. St. Petroc bell ringers are planning to take part.

Bishop Hugh said: “I would be delighted if church bells were to be rung across the Diocese to mark the beginning of COP26. COP26 is a critical moment for the whole of creation, with decisions to be made that will affect whether people and nature have a chance of avoiding the worst effects of climate change, decisions that will have the greatest impact on the poorest and most vulnerable communities around the world. Churches in Cornwall were very involved in the G7 meeting, which took place here in June, sending the leaders off to Glasgow with our prayers and encouragement. I would welcome church bells ringing to welcome the wider group of countries and groups who will be at COP26, as well as ringing our alarm at the emergency before us.”

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