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Walking with a purpose

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

On one of the hottest days of the summer, pilgrims following part of a Cornish Celtic Way arrived at Lanivet Church. Helen was there to greet them and offer refreshments.

Nigel Marns, creator of a Cornish Celtic Way, spoke about Lanivet Church and invited Barbara to share with the group more about The Bodmin Way. It was good to meet at the church that is the crossing point of three walking routes, the third being the Saint's Way.

The walking group sang two songs to bless the pilgrims, the village and church at Lanivet.

The visitors looked at the two Celtic crosses in the church grounds and noted that one is said to be the geographical centre of Cornwall.

A Cornish Celtic Way and The Bodmin Way are planning a joint walk either this summer or autumn and/or next year. It will be open to everyone and will be advertised on our websites.

For more information about a Cornish Celtic Way please visit the website

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