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Feast day for spy

The early life of St. Petroc was dramatised by young people and adults at the monthly SPY event on 4 June, which is St. Petroc’s Feast Day.

Prince Petroc is born to a Welsh King and Queen

Although Petroc was a prince, he gave up the Welsh throne, in the 6th century, to share the Christian faith with everyone who would listen.

He trained as a missionary and monk in Ireland and continued his travels to Cornwall.

Petroc continued the work of St. Guron in Bodmin and was influential in building churches and priories in Bodmin, southwest England and parts of France.

In honour of the saint, bunting was created showing events in his life.

SAINT PETROC CROSS BODMIN pewter badges were used to decorate some of the bunting, by taking a rubbing. Badges are on sale (£3) in St. Petroc's Church.

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