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Curators in training final workshop

Signs created on ipads at the last workshop are strategically placed in the museum's display cabinets. Stylish, colourful and informative labels are added to displays across the museum. It's exciting to think that the many visitors to the museum, of all ages, will see the carefully crafted signage of young people in the SPY Network!

Learning manager Leah and museum curator Fran have shown attendees at the workshops many of the roles of a museum curator. One example of the young curators’ learning is when they spotted an item in a display cabinet that had slipped and covered the signage. This was gently pointed out to Leah and Fran will rectify it.

The five-week trainee curator course has flown by.

SPY Network's visits to Bodmin Keep will continue with a workshop on making soldiers out of pegs and when we walk Walker Lines to find out about history under our feet.

SPY Network is open to young people from the age of nine and virtually all our activities are free to attend. Contact for more information.

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