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BF Adventure

SPY Network accessed an action-packed day with BF Adventure. The charity receives funding to provide free holiday activity days for youth groups in Cornwall.

“What does BF stand for?” Is it ‘Best Friend’ or ‘Big Fun’?

Bushcraft was up first. Teams were challenged to create a shelter in a woodland using groundsheets, rope and string. Successful shelters need to be positioned away from the current wind direction, require a sloping roof for rain to glide off and taut ropes. All three shelters looked great, but would they withstand the test? The video footage reveals all.

A means of cooking is another survival skill. Ben demonstrated how to build a campfire.

1 Gather logs and twigs, separated into three sizes.

2 Select an appropriate space.

3 Clear the area of debris.

4 Create a safety square with logs, to act as a boundary.

Top tip: For burns, put in cold water immediately, for 10 minutes, running water if possible.

5 Make a bed of sticks to protect the other fuel from getting wet and to provide oxygen.

Science tip: Fire triangle is oxygen, fuel, heat/spark. Take one or more away to stop a fire.

6 Place cotton wool on the bed, making one ball into a fuse.

7 Add the smallest kindling, either in ‘teepee’ or ‘hashtag’ (Jenga) style.

8 Kneel just outside the square, preferably on both knees (or at least one) to prevent toppling into the fire.

9 Use the ‘fire striker’ to create a spark to light the fuse.

10 Toast a marshmallow or two!

Even within a huge woodland, one young person spotted a tiny creature!

Does BF stand for ‘Bush Fire’?

Donned with life jacket and paddle in hand, group members listened as Ben explained safety procedures and shared expert tips for a successful kayak experience. And off they went ….

BF Adventure's post-industrial site left a quarry filled with water for boat adventures. It was also warm enough to swim in!

Quote of the day: “I now know what to ask for, for Christmas. A kayak!”

Humorous comment: Warning: “Watch out for a pothole coming up!” Reply: “Who’s brought the pot for it?”

SPY Network had a fun and informative day thanks to instructors Ben and Hannah.

By the way, BF originally stood for “Bishop’s Forum” as it was a former Bishop of Truro who set up the camp along with supporters known as the ‘forum’. Ben said it's just known as BF now and Hannah said she likes the idea of it meaning 'Bright Futures'.

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