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The club is a great place to meet up with friends and make new ones. It’s for ages 11 to 18 and is free. The club meets at the Parish Centre, next to Priory Park, on the second Saturday of each month, from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

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Activities include:
* Table tennis
* Football
* Team games
* YouTube and disco dance

* Music and keyboard skills
* Crafts
* Logo design
* Making things
* Seasonal specials.


There are plans to have team games in Priory Park, a treasure hunt around the town, visits to Bodmin Keep and day trips.

Parents are requested to complete a consent form.


Parental Consent Form: click here.

Parental Consent Form for activities at Bodmin Keep, for members of the youth club and beyond: click here.


For updates and more information please contact Barbara: ,

message or 01208 809601.

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Bodmin Way Youth Club visits Bodmin Keep


Session 1 click here.

Session 2 click here.

Bodmin Way Youth Club takes the lead


St Petroc’s congregation welcomed young people from Bodmin Way Youth Club along with SPY

(St Petroc’s Youth) and servers to church on Sunday 1st May. The young people, alongside Revd Claire Jones, led morning worship.








The Gospel reading, of the huge amount of fish the disciples caught before having a fish breakfast with Jesus on the shore, was dramatised with the aid of a net, lots of colourful card cut into the shape of fish, a large cardboard frontal of a boat and young people taking on the roles of Jesus and his disciples. Jesus appeared several times to his disciples after his death.









The large empty cross and Easter Garden were other visible reminders that Jesus died but rose again.


At the recent confirmation service, held as Lanivet Church,

Bishop Hugh demonstrated the sign for ‘peace’ in

British Sign Language (BSL) – you put both thumbs and

forefingers together and fan out the other fingers, making

the sign for peace look like a dove. A song based on

Romans 15:13 was sung as a blessing at the end of the service,

accompanied by BSL. It was lovely to see so many joining in

with this final part of the service.

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