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splanna! finale

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Helping young people shine

Following Fun in the Park on Saturday afternoon and fun at Bodmin Way Youth Club on Saturday evening, the fun continues at Bodmin Keep on Monday afternoon with all things celebratory - certificates, cake, party food, photograph display and dressing up.

Bodmin Way Youth Club received the customary warm welcome from Jo, the Learning and Participation Manager at Bodmin Keep, who praised the group for achievements made during the Splanna! project. Jo was referring to the acquisition of skills such as teamwork, communication, problem solving and critical thinking as well as metal and wood work, increasing awareness of the history of medicine and seeing examples of trench art that helped with wellbeing during and after conflicts.

The project gave young people an opportunity to try something new and take on a challenge. It provided a safe space, with experts on hand, to have a go at things young people don’t usually have the chance to do, such as using sharp tools, blow torches and acid.

Jo presented certificates and provided certificates for all the others who attended Splanna! but couldn’t attend the celebration. Thank you cards and gifts were exchanged.

There was time for eating, singing and dancing.

Going upstairs to the heart of the museum we spotted ourselves in the display, dressed up as combatants and visited the School of Spies room.

Peep into Bodmin’s past

School for Spies - The Joint Services School for Linguists. In 1951 Bodmin’s abandoned WW2 Walker Lines military camp suddenly became alive with activity again. Because of the Cold War and the political uncertainty between the West and Soviet Russia, it had been decided that National Servicemen should be taught Russian so that should it be required, they could carry out espionage.

We had to report back to base as our pizza had arrived!

Jo reminded us that Splanna! means ‘shine’ in Cornish and that the project is part of the Kernow G7 Cultural Programme, commissioned by Cornwall Council with support from Arts Council England, the National Lottery Fund and the Cornwall Museums Partnership.

The highly skilled people who provided the cool activities and learning experiences were acknowledged: Leon, an expert woodcarver at Footsteps of Discovery; Laura, of Elby Brown, a metalsmith; youthful veterans Pete, Pete and Chris from Active Plus; Fran Singleton, Trainee Curate at the Keep and TikTok enthusiast and Sue Robinson, a local expert on the history of military medicine and retired nurse.

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