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Ready for ring making

Bodmin Keep had everything ready for Bodmin Way Youth Club on Saturday June 11, as part of the Keep's involvement with the 'Splanna!' project. A similar setup will be ready for another six youth club members on Saturday June 25.

Laura Brown, of Elby Brown, is a jeweller with 12 years of metalsmithing experience. Laura shares her skills, enabling young people to produce their own ring out of metal, inspired by trench art.

This session, along with refreshments, was arranged by Jo Keenan, Learning and Participation Manager at Bodmin Keep, who is an ex-primary school teacher and has worked in cultural and environmental education for 10 years.

Bodmin Way Youth Club meets on the second Saturday of the month, 6.30pm to 7.30pm, at the Parish Centre next to Priory Park. The club is about having fun so we play team games, get creative with crafts and produce music and rhythm on the keyboard. At the "specials" our resident DJs play great dance music. It's for 11+ with FREE entry.

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